Our Story

My interest in design has always been a part of my life.  My studies in the Netherlands in horticulture and business management concreted my interests in nature and creativity.  I have always kept a modern view of how to share my ideas online.

Passion For Design

I have always loved the design aspect of business and marketing.  People like things that look good and having a pleasant experience online can help encourage customers to enjoy their web-experience.


I have been working with web design and wordpress for 10 years and counting.  Through personal start-ups and portfolio pages of the past, I have always had at least one live web page.  

I also manage a vegetable farm and a flerd (group of cattle and sheep) in Louisa, Virginia.  Finding a balance between working behind a computer and being active outside keeps my creativity levels maintained.  I find inspiration from the mysteries of discovery and challenges we encounter daily.

How to Work with Jesse?

My Workflow

This is how the web design processed is organized to create your next project.

Common Questions


Here are some of the more common questions I encounter from our clients.

Depending on which software tools we build the site!  If you know you will be updating your website often then WordPress is the way to go.  Our sites on Framer carry a bit more of a learning curve to update data, photos, or products.

Every project is different prices will vary depending on the project.  Reach out today for a free quote!

The website is 100% yours.  You are responsible for purchasing hosting with my help and when the project is over you can delete my access if you want.  

I do ask for the right to add your website to our online portfolio of projects completed with a link.

We do offer extra monthly services for web maintenance.   

Generally, 2-3 months is an average time to complete the project.  This is dependent on how many rounds of revisions are necessary to get towards our end goal.