Types of Businesses we Serve

We can help!  With 10+ years of experience in WordPress we are here to help make your online presence standout.  

Here are some of the industries we serve.

Small Business
Wedding Venues
Non Profit
Blogging or Authors
Health and Nutrition
Content Creator

Showcase your thought and Industry Leadership with Quality Design

Without a web presence you are losing out from the potential customers that would otherwise find you online.  Standout from the competition with a personalized web design.  With a custom web site you can build your brand and help clients choose your service.

High Quality Web Design Represents and Reflects Your Business Standards

We are naturally observers of beauty and when something does not look good, it is much harder to sell.  Keeping a web site updated, optimized for the clients’ time spent investing and learning about your services is key to success.  Not only is the client passively making a decision about your business from your web page but search engines also we be taking notes.  Is this website up to date?  Is it slow?  Does this appear to be an actual business?  

SEO Friendly for Higher Search Engine Rankings

Once you have a website to refer customers towards you will soon notice how little organic traffic or lack of customers finding you without paying for ads!  That is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in!  With our expertise in SEO and marketing we can work with you to increase organic traffic and help increase your visibility where it counts!

Our Latest Web Design Services

Aspects of High Quality Web Design

What makes a website high quality?  
1. Visual Appeal 
The first moments that a customer lands on your webpage they will automatically be making decisions based on the loading time and the appearance of the page.  
2. Ease of Use
How does the information flow on the website?  Are all our their questions answered and were they able to find everything they looked for without getting frustrated?  Ease of use may be more important than visual design in terms of how long a customer stays and learns more about your products or services.
3. High Quality Content
Not only is the design important but the copy or description of services needs to be compelling and SEO friendly.  We will work with you to make sure your content is written with these technicalities in mind.
4. High Conversion of Visitors to Customers
Having clear CTAs or call to action links or buttons helps customers make a decision before they overthink it!  
5. Increase in Traffic with Time
Our goal is that your business or brand will grow through time.  We offer basic consultation and advice on how to market and grow your business when you choose to create a customized website with JHR Creative.  We also offer SEO services to jumpstart your online presence.  

Let's Get Starting Growing Your Farm Business!

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Jesse Roberts